The Year Everything Changes

Mark W. Worthen: Novelist. Screenwriter. Reviewer.

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Mark W. Worthen
10 February
Neutral Zone
The Renaissance Mind
West Springfield High School - Springfield VA (1976 - 1980)
Brigham Young University - Provo UT (1980 - 1992)
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alfred hitchcock, alternate history, alternate universes, alton brown, american revolution, astronomy, babylon 5, baking, ballroom, bioinformatics, black adder, blogging, bobby flay, books, buffy the vampire slayer, c++, celtic, celtic music, chi, china, china mieville, chinese, chocolate, classical guitar, classical music, comic books, comic scripting, comics, computational linguistics, computers, confessions, conventions, cooking, creating comics, csi, cyberpunk, dark fantasy, dark fiction, deep space nine, dogs, dragons, dvds, education, emeril, f. paul wilson, fantasy, fiction, fiction writing, films, firefly, flamenco, food, food network, gaelic, guitar, guitars, harlan ellison, hellboy, heroes, history, hitchhiker's guide, horror, horror writers association, house, hp lovecraft, html, hwa, ice cream, isaac asimov, japan, javascript, joe lansdale, julio cortazar, korea, language, latin, lds, linguistics, linux, lord of the rings, magic realism, mandarin, mexican food, mind hacks, monty python, moody blues, mormonism, morphosyntax, mort castle, movies, music, mythology, nasa, natural language processing, neil gaiman, new york city, novels, orson scott card, paranormal, pat metheny, photography, portuguese, reading, revolutionary war, rock and roll, roger zelazny, root beer, rush, sandman, science, science fiction, scotland, screenwriting, secrets, semantics, sf, sff, sheryl crow, short fiction, space, space westerns, spanish, sql, star trek, stars, steampunk, steely dan, stephen king, stoker award, t'ai chi, tabasco, tai chi, thai food, tim powers, trek, trivia, used book stores, utah, vampires,, vertigo comics, web design, web development, weightlifting, william gibson, wordperfect, writing, writing comics, xml, zeitgeist
I am a science fiction and horror writer, language nerd, and computer geek currently working as a wageslave at a university in the midwestern United States.

I am a political moderate who believes that extremes in anything are, well, unfortunate. Unless they're my extremes, of course!